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“The Media is about technology, the Message is about humanity…”

And it’s the sacred duty of every marketer, every CEO and every entrepreneur to deliver both. Media of any kind, social or not, is merely an empty pipe without a message of value and substance sent through it. It is part of our great crusade (here at Micro-Script central) to make people understand that while the new media IS revolutionary, and needs new thinking, new ideas, new exploration– the Message is not new. It comes from the universe. It is Knowledge. By bringing the two together, your communication can go ballistic in our new hyper-connected age.

I heard an amazing quote on the CBS News during the Egyptian revolution. It was:  “The internet doesn’t create courage. It only spreads it.” Your ideas are what move the world. Always have, always will. Send your great ideas through social media–not just mindless, pointless conversation– and you can change the world.

The media is about technology. The Message is about humanity.  “Technology changes all the time, but human nature never does.” Evgeny Morozov

Greek Yogurt

Have you tried Greek Yogurt? Used to just be the stuff they put on Gyro sandwiches. Well, if you haven’t noticed, it’s become its own category in the supermarket now–I can’t believe all the shelf space garnered by Chobani and Oikos. And it’s happened in viral time. As usual, I heard about it first via Word of Mouth from one of my daughters who told me: “Daddy, you’ve gotta start eating it– “It’s got twice the protein, half the fat.”

Did you hear that everybody?  “Twice the protein, half the fat.” That’s a phenomenal, whole elevator pitch in 6 words, don’t you think? A great sales Micro-Script. It’s got a classic A/B construction, great meter, it’s specific and vivid and gives me permission to believe. Better than the usual tagline you get these days. “Like Greek Yogurt: Inspire Yourself!” or some other generic copywriter’s conceit. Again, I remembered it, was instantly captivated by the idea, started looking for it in the market, was willing to get used to a slightly more tart taste to get “Twice the protein, half the fat,” and I’ve been telling all my friends. Including you. In other words, it didn’t just make me think, it made me act.

So if you like to eat healthy, Yogurt is one of nature’s most balanced foods. And while you’re at it, since they’re all delicious, why not try the style that has twice the protein, half the fat. The yogurt of the gods (who if you notice in most of mythology, always look great in their tunics).

Micro-Scripts in “Lawyer’s Weekly”

It was often called “the trial of the century” and agree with that assessment or not, the OJ Simpson murder trial was a pretty big deal. It came with what some might call the Micro-Script of the century: If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit. That line has been repeated to me verbatim by audiences as far away as Mumbai, India–one reason why it’s the first quote in the introduction to The Micro-Script Rules. Micro-Scripts are crucial to any communicator who has to put it all on the line, none more so than trial attorneys. So I want to thank Correy Stephenson for her recent article on the power of Micro-Scripts in Lawyers Weekly magazine. I’ve already gotten nice feedback from attorneys who’ve seen it. Great job Correy– and thanks for helping bring the word to your profession’s attention.