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What’s a Dominant Selling Idea?

Your Dominant Selling Idea is the one big idea your stand for above all your competitors — brand positioning brought to it’s sharpest point. It’s the one most important, differentiating idea that a customer would take away if they could only remember one thing about you. It’s the difference that makes a customer want to buy from you.

It’s the one idea about your brand that is…

  • Superlative. It promises you’re #1 in what you do — the very best at something.
  • Important. What you’re #1 in is something that matters – what customers want. Built on key consumer insight.
  • Believable. There has to be a unique, logical reason why you can claim the above.
  • Measurable. It must perform in a tangible way that’s totally aligned and consistent with all your claims. Every customer experience has to prove it.
  • Ownable. It must be available to be owned by you alone.