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Category of One

Your Context.

Shortcut to Extreme Differentiation.

For a vision that differentiates, you must know the Category where you can be #1. If you’re not # 1, you must define a new category to be #1 in. Suddenly you have a new story. You’re differentiated automatically. That’s why our process starts by turning Vision into Category.


Dominant Selling Idea (DSI)

Your Vision.

The big idea attached to your name.

A five-faceted idea…

Superlative. It says you’re #1 in what you do.
Important. It must be something I really want.
Believable. There has to be a Reason To Believe what you claim.
Measurable. It must perform in a way you can see and feel.
Own-able. It has to be available to be owned by you.


Binary Frame

Your Sharp Contrast.

Think of “Cola vs. The Un-Cola.” Or “Wide Body Jet vs. Narrow Body Jet.” Or “Commodity Cloud vs. Custom Cloud.”

Our Binary Frame gives you the most dramatic contrast in terms that customers and the press can remember and repeat.


Facts of Difference

Your Proof.

An Arc of Unassailable Facts, Not Opinions.

We string together a set of specific, simple facts about your Category vs. competitors that customers recognize to be true. These facts are then used in a story only you can tell. A supermarket and a restaurant are places for food. Neither is better. But they are different.


Brand Story

Your Blueprint.

Your critical one-page narrative.

An extended elevator pitch that tells your story in a sequence: “Once the world was like this. But there was a problem. So a company decided to fix it. Here’s what they did. Now the world is better.”

The Brand Story triggers emotion that motivates buyers because it shows how the pain will be taken away, how new opportunity will be realized or how life will be made better in a way no other brand can. It is the blueprint for all communications going forward.




Your Unforgettable Voice.

–in a sentence…or less.

A Micro-Script is a verbal “instant message” that people love to repeat, word-for-word. It uses vivid metaphors or rhythmic language to tell a story, or trigger one in a sentence or less. All great Taglines are Micro-Scripts.


What stays in Vegas? Everything but its Micro-Script.