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Transformative Results in Days.

Traditional business consultants set up a 4-6 month process of research and meetings, summarizing their conclusions at the end. The problem is that after all that time and money, their findings may not be actionable. Employees have to interpret it. In the process, the intended strategy is often lost.

This approach must actually be reversed to have the best chance of success. And we do exactly that– as we have proven time and again in everything from NYSE companies to start-ups. We refer to our approach as the “Six and Six.”

  • Six Business Days: Teaming directly with company leaders, we can uncover the mechanics of the vision and the brand in an average of 6 business days, not 6 months. We have found the way to do this after decades of practice, hundreds of cases and writing award-winning books.
  • Six Business Months: With ideas at the center, we focus the next six months on the most critical element for success: the installation of the #1 strategy within the company– from tagline to sales pitch to website—to keep it from veering off the road. Nothing is more difficult or crucial than achieving this alignment during the first months.

Our ability to deliver on Six and Six is what differentiates us and will differentiate you.