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Every brand has an entitlement: the chance to be positioned as #1 in a desired specialty. Your Dominant Selling Idea (DSI) is positioning sharpened to its most penetrating, effective point in the target’s mind. Here are the steps we take to find your DSI level positioning.

Research & Discovery

Our positioning process starts with R&D that answers the basic questions: Exactly where are you starting from, internally and externally? Who is the real competition and how are they positioned? We make R&D an efficient, common sense practice that balances qualitative, in-person interviews with the power of quantitative research when necessary.

Brand Positioning

Positioning stakes out one unique, important and ownable idea that you will stand for the big difference that sets you apart. It’s as important for your employees as it is for your customers. At BrandTeamSix, we make your position the sharpest and most penetrating kind of all: a Dominant Selling Idea.

The Dominant Selling Idea is built in a sequence…

  • Base Category

    Step one defines and names your base category: the context in which customers place you. Before anyone can consider your brand, they must pick a category that fills a need. This step determines what business bucket you’re perceived to be in, and where you fit with the competition.

  • The Specialty You Will Be #1 In

    Step two sets you up for a singular position by attaching the one most important attribute you can own onto your base category (safest car, most durable watch). This becomes your unique specialty. To claim a dominant place in the target’s mind, you must be #1 in your chosen specialty, even if you have to invent a new one as successful challengers often do.

  • Dominant Selling Idea

    Step three distills the set of words that describe your position into a single, simple idea that moves people: your Dominant Selling Idea. The DSI is the fusion of your name with your #1 specialty in the least number of words. “World’s safest car” is a statement. “Volvo is the world’s safest car” is a Dominant Selling Idea.

Brand Architecture

We help structure brand portfolios to ensure clarity and synergy within companies, divisions, partnerships, products and services. We will identify the most appropriate mix of brands, sub-brands and branded processes or equities. We look for ways to highlight hidden assets, such as proprietary methods, service enhancements, and innovations that strengthen the positioning long-term.

Value Proposition and Selling Strategy

Selling effectiveness is at the heart of everything we do. The Dominant Selling Idea is by definition the core of any brand’s “value proposition”. In finding and wording the DSI, we invariably examine the way the company “goes to market” particularly the language of sales people in the field and the logic and sequence of pitches, presentations and even prospect hierarchy. Salespeople must be in total sync with the Dominant Selling Idea and the core messages for any brand to deliver full power.