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The DSI Tagline (Selling on sight)

Our taglines are designed to be a precision selling tools, the catalyst for your Dominant Selling Idea on sight. We call them DSI Taglines because they turn any place they appear into an instant selling opportunity.

Every BrandTeamSix tag must pass the following tests:

  • It must directly state, or specifically support the DSI
  • It must be ownable — another product couldn’t substitute their name for yours and say the same tag line
  • It must be evocative, colorful or phonetically memorable

Micro-Scripts (It’s what they repeat that counts)

In today’s hyper-media world, what’s matters is not what people hear, it’s what people want to repeat, after they’ve heard it. A Micro-Script is the verbilization of your Dominant Selling Idea. It’s an “instant message” that people like to repeat, word-for-word, to inform, impress or persuade others. It must be quick, compact and easy – short as a word or phrase – easy to fit on a smart phone screen or the back of tee-shirt.

A Micro-Script is more than just a sound bite or an empty slogan. It’s a Story bite. That is, it triggers a whole story or a key piece of one in the mind of the listener.

Micro-Script development is a precision tool for brand practitioners and sales people who want the most memorable, penetrating communication in today’s environment. The discipline of reducing stories down to short sets of words forces focus, clarity, specificity and simplicity to the ultimate degree.

Brand Story and Elevator Pitch (today you only get one floor to do it)

The Brand Story is narrative brief that consolidates all your key themes and language, based on DSI and naming, onto a single page. Written in problem/solution story form, it contains the language threads and phrases that become your initial Micro-Scripts. A great brand story is easily distilled further into your company’s “elevator pitch,” an simple summary of your differentiated value that every employee and customer can learn and recite by heart. It gives the power of consistency to all communications going forward.