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Micro-Script of the Year for Authors: “Reality Tip Number 1”

I can’t let the New Year happen without dispensing this one to the world at large, which I understand according to new U.N., statistics, is now 57% book authors. I wish I’d had this precious Micro-Script gem two books ago. But at least I have it now, thanks to a man of Micro-Scripts and books that sell quite well, Mr. David Meerman Scott:

You’ve written a great book…  “Now you need to spend as much time marketing it as you did writing it.”

What a gorgeous bit of Micro-Scripted reality to remind ourselves of each day, if indeed, we really want our message to get to all the people out there who’d benefit from it–let alone buy a book. The days of publishers helping us do this are over. They try, but there are just too many books. So, not unlike the moment when we step out of the plane at 14,000 feet with the parachute on our backs (I recommend this at least once for everyone), success after the giddiness of launch is really, really up to us. We authors, that is.

I think there might be a life lesson in there somewhere. Shawanga!!!

(PS. The only one I know who gets a free pass is Bill Bryson)

Micro-Script of the Year in the “Marketing Timeless Truths” Category

This is an often over-looked award category, except we hope in the annals of this blog. I want to be sure all the nominees are registered before 12/31.

“Marketing without sales is like motherhood without sex.”

To those who appreciate this kind of art, especially as we gird for the sales-free, fun, but bizarre TV commercial bafflement we’re about to see around the Superbowl, that script is a Mona Lisa. One of many passed along to me this year by Mr. Graham Weston. Google Rackspace (NYSE:RAX) and you’ll quickly see what qualifies him to know these things.  B

Great post from Canada–

First we get book reviews from India, what could possibly be next? I’ll take Canada–a great post from a new friend with an excellent blog at  Jenan Mujkic starts out with a doozy of a Micro-Script by Bruce Lee. I’m stealing it of course. (check Jenan’s blog to steal it for yourself). In fact, it helps round out a new master metaphor I’ve been working on for speeches and for client consulting.

BTW–If you know anything about basic Micro-Script protocol, you know that stealing isn’t only sanctioned, it’s the point: We mean for the purposes of sharing, viral passing and word of mouth. Just don’t forget to give credit where credit is due. Thank you Jenan Mujkic!

Okay, Maybe Meerman Scott IS Divine…

You know there are about 11,000 new business books published each year and a great many are either thinly disguised sales presentations, or contain nothing practical an actual business could put to use in real life because the authors have never actually done it themselves. So I have to tell you a true story about what happened at an author’s conference I just attended, put on by a wonderful bookseller called 800CEORead

Now if you haven’t already read any of his books, David Meerman Scott writes bestsellers with titles like “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” and a new one called Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead. If I had to summarize his general message, it’s that yes the rules have changed, but you too can REALLY master them and create your own marketing Worldwide Rave (another of his titles). Why should you or I believe that this author is actually walking his walk, vs. blowing the usual smoke to sell books? Well you have to remember that at this author’s conference, there are all kinds of famous, accomplished authors and speakers, many of whom you’ve read, most with the healthiest of egos. But in conversations with these folks, certain names keep coming up all the time: Seth Godin: heads nod. The Heath Brothers: People murmur “of course, MMMM, hhhmmmmnn. David Meerman Scott?…..

The conference stops. They bring a Bishop out to lead a benediction.

Never seen anything like it. I mean, you have to hand it to this guy. His rules have got to be working, don’t they? Otherwise, it’d be evidence of a Higher PR authority at work, but I don’t think he’s Jewish. I’m going back to reread em. I know there’s a rule in there that can help me.

Bill Schley

Stories need to be miniaturized like micro-chips in the digital age.

It’s never been more important to use the magic power of story to convey our ideas, now that digital media is sending us about 500 billion messages per second. And now that average attention spans have supposedly shrunken to NINE seconds, down from about 29 seconds a very short time ago. We just have to master a super-concentrated kind of story. An instant metaphorical kind that lets us tell our tales in a sentence or less. In eleven, eight, four, even two words. That’s what Micro-Scripts are here to do. They’re all around us. And anyone can learn their secret.