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ROV: Return on Vision®. The special Return only a CEO can give.

We are going to start talking a whole lot more about Return on Vision: ROV. In fact, we’re about to change the copy on the BrandTeamSix homepage to bring it front and center:

There is one kind of return only a CEO can provide: Return on Vision (ROV). Vision made clear transforms companies. It leads the strategy. Its return is engagement, inspiration, culture of innovation, higher revenue and best brand.   

As brand specialists we work with CEOs on the vision mechanics that create clarity and focus, making the company brand-able as #1. To be brand builders, we start as vision builders.

The results are brands with unique, own-able categories, great names, taglines and Micro-Scripts that sell. But it all starts with Return on Vision: The CEO’s vision made crystal clear.   

We finally put our finger on a phenomenon we’ve been witnessing whenever we work directly with CEOs and their teams over the past several years. Something transformative and dramatic happens that energizes and engages the company. It turns out that the mechanics that were getting us to the center of the brand–the mechanics I wrote about in my books and learned at the original Mad Men Agency in New York–these mechanics were also taking us to the center of the CEO’s vision for the entire enterprise. The mechanics were the same! Whenever we opened up the hood on the vision with the CEO and we applied the kind of crystal clarification that we learned to do because we’re trained MadMen — amazing, uplifting things would happen to the CEO and team and then the whole company. We realized we were doing something way beyond what people think of as “branding” when this was happening. Maybe we should call it visioning. The CEOs vision made clear was the key to everything. The vision became the strategy. And what that did is what made the company brand-able as a #1 brand.

A company’s true brand is the CEO’s vision taken forward and made systematic. That vision is how leaders lead and followers are inspired. It’s strength is directly proportional to how clear it is. When its polished like a diamond the way we can do it, the leader just has to step back and get out of the way because the people will move heaven and earth to go where it points them–to have a chance to touch greatness. Most people don’t go through life with an inspiring mission. Help them see one and you can’t hold them back.

The greatest adman of them all–the actual real Don Draper said: “In ancient times when Cicero spoke the people said ‘how well he spoke.’ But when Demosthenes spoke the people said:  Let us march!

This is what we’re talking about. The Return on Vision is engagement, innovation culture, inspiration, sales and success. ROV comes before any kind of ROE. There is nothing more powerful than Return on Vision.

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